Court Scheduled

At last we have a court date set for Sean’s evidentiary hearing. It will be January 17, 18, 19th 2017 in Sacramento, Califonia. We are relieved to FINALLY get a court date scheduled (14 long months after the 9th circuit judges ruling!!), and the magistrate has agreed to allow everything we have asked for including all witnesses who are being called to the stand and Sean to be present. Thank you God our prayers are finally being answered.

We feel positive and upbeat about this upcoming court date, the magistrate’s attitude seems to have changed which give us hope that she understands what Sean’s attorney filed and has adopted a new attitude towards this case. We appreciate your prayers and support!


About Sean & Eiam

Sean O'Brien was wrongfully convicted in adult court in El Dorado County, California and sentenced to Life Without Parole at the age of 16 without a shred of physical evidence tying him to the crime for which he was convicted. Sean and I have been friends since grade school and we were married in 2017. We live and grow together in love with the knowledge of his innocence, our faith, and hope for our future. We embrace this journey, wherever it may take us, cherishing each moment we have together and staying true to our hearts. This blog is about the past we share, our life together and our fight for justice. Thank you for reading. God bless.
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