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About Sean & Emelia

Sean O'Brien was wrongfully convicted in El Dorado County, California and sentenced in adult court to Life Without Parole at the age of 16 without a shred of physical evidence tying him to the crime for which he was convicted. Sean and I have been friends since grade school and we were married in 2017. We live and grow together in love with the knowledge of his innocence, our faith, and hope for our future. We embrace this journey, wherever it may take us, cherishing each moment we have together and staying true to our hearts. This blog is about the past we share, our life together and our fight for jusice. Thank you for reading. God bless.

COVID-19 in Prison

I think this is literally the scariest thing Sean and I have ever faced together. Especially with articles like this:  Two Prison Employees Test Positive for COVID-19 CDCR says CNN: New Corona Virus Cases in Jails Heightens Concerns About an … Continue reading

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Our Fight for Justice

Welcome newcomers and welcome back to everyone else. Thank you for the support and love we have received lately, it means everything to us.   Please help us fight for justice by signing our petition, liking our video, sharing and … Continue reading

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My Invictus

Sean wrote this poem for his Inside Out writers class. Invictus means unconquerable and was a poem written by William Ernest Henley in 1875. Sean wrote his own rendition of it.    My Invictus In the nightmare that holds me … Continue reading

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Family Visit 18: love and fear

Feb 26-28 2020 I got out of Family Visit and started my drive home at about 10 am and made it home by 3:30 pm. This photo is from the rest stop along the way, the trees are blooming. Looks … Continue reading

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Vern Pierson, the District Attorney of El Dorado county used my case to get elected. Before being elected, he promised my mother he would look into my case and “do something about it”. He never did anything about it. But … Continue reading

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3 YEARS ago today was my Evidentiary Hearing in Federal Court in Sacramento. 3 YEARS ago I proved in a court of law that I have actual evidence which makes it impossible for me to have taken part in the … Continue reading

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