Sean’s Artwork

 Here are just a few of the pieces Sean has created while wrongfully imprisoned.  The beautiful colors show that inside his mind the world is still beautiful even though his daily surroundings are dark and lifeless. His spirit is strong, his faith in God is strong, and he finds joy in creating art; knowing that it will bring a smile to whoever he is drawing it for. You can see that the dates on the drawings go back many years, and he is still creating! Sean uses Prisma Premier colored pencils to create his drawings.

(Gallery is from oldest to most recent)

wood duck

Still Reflections

DO Pete_Sm

Pete Dog


em's butterfly

Emelia’s Butterfly


DO Violinist_Sm

Joshua Bell


Rose for Emelia

DO BeePolinatingFlower_Sm

Bumblebee’s Delight

DO Canoe_Sm

DO ClownFish_Sm

DO Crab_Sm

DO Mama+Baby Giraffe_Sm




duckling 002

Sean 005-001

pen and ink rose done with a ballpoint pen

heart 003

Eternity Heart


Cowboy Kiss

Fierce Bear

Aug 2017, For our wedding

Emelia in a Tree, 2018

Our dog, Samson

Barbed Wire inside the Prison

4 Responses to Sean’s Artwork

  1. Debbie O'Brien says:



  2. Cindy McMicken says:

    Such talent


    • theresa mcgarry says:

      how beautiful his artwork… He is able to get out of this prison through his mind and see and capture such beauty. in the world… .That’s possible because he connects to God in his soul… I want the Seahorse…. smile.


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