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December 2020- COVID Continues

Corcoran State Prison continues to violate the rights of the incarcerated population and denies them access to phone calls, yard, and dayroom for weeks on end despite weekly testing and safety protocol. Those who are incarcerated are locked in a … Continue reading

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CDCR Medical Negligence

In Fall 2019 Sean went to dental for a dental exam at Corcoran State Prison, which he must request in order to receive any dental care. The dentist noted a cavity and the California Department of Corrections had up to … Continue reading

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My Fight For My Husband

Yesterday, August 6 2020, I had the privilege to stand with a group called ‘We Are Their Voices’ to protest in Corcoran, California at Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and Corcoran State Prison where my husband, Sean, is wrongfully imprisoned. We … Continue reading

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Sean’s COVID-19 Experience Inside Prison!

By Sean O’Brien June 2020, typed by Emelia O’Brien On June 4th, 2020 I tested positive for COVID19. Wrongfully convicted and trapped in prison, it only seems fitting that I got Corona virus. There is nothing that I would have … Continue reading

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Busting the Myth: “Free Bed, Food & Health Care”

When I hear of people on the outside saying prison inmates have it made with a free place to sleep, free food and free quality medical care, I know they have never experienced the reality of what prisoners are faced … Continue reading

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